20 Celebrities Who Don’t Look a Day Past 20


It’s no secret that we adore celebrities. We tend to be curious about their lives, how they maintain their bodies, and the secret to great skin. Some celebrities have been on the big screen for ages and every time they look younger. It’s as though they’re aging backwards. While some admit to cosmetic surgery, others credit good genes and hard work for their timeless looks. Here’s a list of celebrities who have remained ageless over the decades and continue to look surprisingly young.

1. Brad Pitt

We fell in love with him when he debuted in the movie Thelma & Louise in 1991. The 53-year-old is undeniably attractive, making women of all ages swoon. Brad loves to work out and mostly credits his nutritionist for his youthful looks. His divorce from superstar wife Angelina Jolie does not seem to have dimmed his shine.


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