25 Astonishing Celebrity Divorce Settlements


16. Kevin Costner and Cindy Silva

Business Insider

Kevin Costner was still a skinny student when he met and married a fellow student in 1978. He had experienced a few acting roles by then, but it was until after starring in hit movies such as Bull Durham, Field of Dreams, The Bodyguard and Dances with the Wolves that he truly became a Hollywood bigwig.

By the time he divorced Silva in 1994 after 16 years of marriage, Costner had amassed some serious paychecks in his career. For instance, he had made $51million in 1991 and so one could argue that Silva articulately timed when to walk out because Costner’s career somehow went downhill after the divorce and has never fully recovered. She was awarded a whopping $80 million, while Costner had to deal with a series of big budget movie disappointments.

While they put out a statement stating that they had solved all their issues regarding finances and their children amicably, it’s easy to see that somebody laughed all the way to the bank. One of Hollywood’s most envied marriages had gone down the drainage.


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