25 Astonishing Celebrity Divorce Settlements


11. Steven Spielberg and Amy Irving


Hollywood legendary movie director, Steven Spielberg is responsible for some of the best movies ever produced in the entertainment industry. He obviously had people cringing in fear when he worked on Jaws and probably made ardent movie lovers think twice when he created Close Encounters of the Third Kind. You must have been carried away when you watched E.T., right? Well, that’s because Spielberg is known to do things enormously just like when he paid Amy Irving a reported $100 million when they divorced after four years of marriage.

As the story goes, Spielberg pulled one out of his creativity sleeve by writing a prenup on a piece of napkin. Unfortunately for him, the judge wasn’t so impressed with the move. He refused to recognize the prenup, a move that made Spielberg lose a big chunk of his fortune. In the end, Spielberg and Irving were amicable in their divorce and remained close so as to offer their son a happy childhood.


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