25 Celebrities Who Ditched Hollywood for Regular Jobs


Many people actually dream of leading their lives in the spotlight like celebrities. But the truth is; it’s not as great as it may seem. While many celebrities would confess that they absolutely love their jobs and wouldn’t wish for anything else, some have chosen to ditch Hollywood to lead a regular life and do jobs like most of us!

With that in mind, you may be wondering what the heck happened to Steven Anthony Lawrence a.k.a Beans from the classic Disney Show Even Stevens or Frankie Muniz from Malcolm in the Middle. Well, they’re among celebrities who had fame, glitz, and glamour but abandoned it all, only to lead ordinary lives doing normal jobs. They’re proof enough that fame isn’t all that matters and as this list shows; life goes on even after Hollywood and all the fame that comes with it.

25. Geena Davis


Geena Davis is well known in Hollywood circles after starring in numerous films including The Long Kiss Goodnight, Grey’s Anatomy, The Accidental Tourist, A League of Their Own and many others. What many people do not notice is the fact that Geena is an established activist notably known for fighting for equality in sporting opportunities. That’s totally understandable considering that she represented the U.S. in archery in the Sydney 2000 Olympics despite having been introduced to the sport two years prior to the games.


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