25 Celebrities Who Ditched Hollywood for Regular Jobs


15. Susan Boyle


Eight years ago, Susan Boyle made headlines when she blew away millions of audience and judges on Britain’s Got Talent with her beautiful voice and singing prowess. She went on to win the competition before making it big in the music industry. The 55-year-old Scottish singer released several albums and sold over 25 million records.

It’s said that Boyle struggled with the fame that came with her music success. She chose to live humbly as she had done before becoming famous and still lives in the same ex-council house despite being worth more than $26 million. Boyle made headlines in 2014 when it was reported that she applied for a cashier job paying $7-an-hour at a betting company in her hometown. It’s not clear whether she landed the job, but we all know that Boyle neither needed the job nor the money that came with it. Perhaps it was in keeping with her humble background or to get her mind off the pressures that came with being a celebrity.


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