25 Celebrities Who Ditched Hollywood for Regular Jobs


11. Freddie Prinze Jr.


If you were a young girl growing up in the 1990s and your pin-ups didn’t include the hunk by the name Freddie Prinze Jr., then we may arguably say that you didn’t enjoy your childhood to the maximum. Freddie was, without doubt, the main guy back in the glory days. He was a teen heartthrob, starring in numerous rom-com’s and could win any lady’s heart with roles in I Know What You Did Last Summer and She’s All That to mention just a few.

Despite being the crown prince in the 1990s, Freddie somehow disappeared from the limelight. Nonetheless, he, together with his wife and former star, Sarah Michelle Gellar (who was everyone’s favorite vampire assassin) has been busy showing off their cooking prowess. Freddie fully took up cooking and released his first cookbook in 2016 with more than 75 recipes and humorous stories about him, his beautiful wife and their adorable children.


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