25 Celebrities Who Ditched Hollywood for Regular Jobs


3. Steven Anthony Lawrence

Huffington Post

Do you remember Bernard “Beans” Aranguren on the Disney Show Even Stevens? Played by Steven Anthony Lawrence, Beans was the irritating, bacon-loving neighbor of the Stevens family, whose member, Louis (played by Shia LaBeouf) was the show’s main star. Lawrence also made appearances in other shows such as That’s So Raven and the film, My Favorite Martian before taking a completely different career path.

Two years ago, Lawrence was spotted working as Santa’s Helper at a shopping mall in Concord, California. Several shoppers spotted the 27-year-old former actor and even requested to have photos with him. Steven said he was surprised that fans could still recognize him despite feeling that he had changed so much since his heydays on the screens.

“I feel like I’ve changed a lot, but I don’t know how people still recognize me,” Lawrence said. “I sometimes go on with my business, but people still stop me to say, ‘Oh my God! You’re Beans!’”


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