25 Infamous Stars Who Dated Their Co-Stars

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Many actors can’t just act like they’re in love without feeling something real, something chemical, with their co-stars. Lots of time spent in close quarters, rehearsing lines, kissing, and playing the part can often transform into a physical relationship. Quite a few stars have ended up dating their fellow lead after sharing the screen together; however, it’s sad to see that most of these off-screen connections didn’t last long. Take a look at 25 co-star romances on and off the screen!

The Surreal Romance between Diane Keaton and Woody Allen

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Woody Allen and Diane Keaton met for the first time when the auteur director cast the young actress in one of his Broadway shows, “Play it again, Sam.” The movie adaptation tells the story of Allan (Woody Allen) who goes through a divorce and falls in love with his married friend, Linda (Diane Keaton). The on-screen romance between Linda and Allan moved off the screen, and they continued their relationship for one whole year. After they had broken up, both these stars continued their professional and personal relationship as friends.

How Megan Fox and Shia LeBeouf Got Naughty on Set

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The on-screen chemistry between Shia LeBeouf (Sam) and Megan Fox (Mikaela) quickly transformed into a real relationship. Shia revealed that he had hooked up with Megan during shooting for their second Transformers movie. The first two movies included Shia and Megan as the human leads alongside CGI robots that are trying to save the world from alien invasion.

The Not-So-Long Lasting Affair Between Winona Ryder and Johnny Depp

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Johnny Depp saw Winona Ryder for the first time during the premiere of the “Great Balls of Fire” in the year 1989, when Depp was 27 and Ryder just 17. Soon after, Depp and Ryder were cast as leads in Tim Burton’s “Edward Scissorhands.” Their reel life gave birth to a real life relationship that had the media buzzing. Deep even proposed to Winona and had “Winona Forever” tattooed on his arm. After three years, these co-stars finally broke up, and Depp had the tattoo changed to say “Wino Forever!”

Remember “Taylor Squared?”


It is so funny that Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift decided to show off their sickeningly adorable romantic pairing in the movie, “Valentine’s Day.” This short-lived couple played high school lovebirds who were waiting for the right time to engage in a physical relationship. This is worth watching if you’re into goofy romantic movies, but the on-screen romance fizzled quickly in real life.

When Tom Cruise Wooed Penélope Cruz

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Tom Cruise received a ton of attention for his relationships with glamorous Hollywood actresses. After he split with Nicole Kidman and before he married Katie Holmes there was a time when he dated the gorgeous Penélope Cruz. Their deeply romantic characters in the movie “Vanilla Sky” were transformed into a real-life relationship in the year 2001. Recently, people learned the cause of their breakup after three years of courtship: Cruz had refused to become a member of Scientology!


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