25 Strangest Couples In Hollywood

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In Hollywood, anything can happen and well it usually does. The stranger the thing, the more likely you won’t find it in a movie. Fortunately, or unfortunately, this also applies to the many, many intriguing relationships of some Hollywood couples that have left us all a bit agape in wonder. How did some of them even think of going out, leave alone get married?

Hollywood is a strange place, which has seen strange relationships develop. Considering the briefness of most of these relationships, it is fair to say that they were doomed to fail from the start.  Some couples managed to stay together but only as friends. There might have been some chemistry but critics might say most of it was all done for the cameras or self promotion.  As Shia LaBeouf revealed, many Hollywood romances lack the spark to propel them forward. however, there are a few have passed the test of time.

This phenomenon has baffled even the most respected minds the field of psychology, who have tried to fathom the dynamics playing behind the scenes. Some say its for publicity, some for the money and some just for the basic reason that they can.  Whatever the reasons are, we can only speculate, but it makes for some really good reading so here are some of the  strangest couples we’ve seen come out of LA LA Land.

Robert Downey Jr and Sarah Jessica Parker


These two dated for seven years starting in 1984 and by his own admissions Robert Downey Jr. revealed that there was profound love for each other but, they  broke up because of Robert’s drug addiction. They again met twenty-four years later after their breakup in 1991 and reconciled, well as friends anyway.  They seemingly still have some sentiments for each other as Robert explained that their relationship was very much like anyone’s first real love that you can’t seem to forget. Jessica, meh, not so much.  She’s now married and has children.


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