10 Haunting Hollywood Ghost Stories


Halloween is the perfect time for horror stories and an even better time for spooky tales involving our favorite stars. Even the famous are haunted on occasion. Whether hosting a Halloween party or just getting together with friends, you can set the mood by sharing these spine-tingling celebrity horror stories from Dan Aykroyd, Ariana Grande, Joan Rivers, and more.

The Haunting of Demi Lovato

Although known for her pop career, Demi also had a brief stint as an amateur ghost hunter! The singer shared a story in 2013 about her haunted home. She claims that a ghost called “Emily” haunts her house in Texas. Demi believes her ghost is a small girl around 11 or 12 years of age. Not only has she seen the spirit on many occasions while growing up, but she also received confirmation from professional ghost hunters and a medium.

As a young child, Demi was often caught talking to Emily who she claims was fun and playful. In fact, her mother would often ask her who she was talking to, as the conversations became a part of daily life. Demi also claims that a second ghost named Victoria, who was also friendly, lived in the same house. Although Demi claims she was never afraid of her ghost friends, some houseguests and childhood friends found it a little unsettling! Yeah.


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