10 Haunting Hollywood Ghost Stories


Dan Aykroyd: Ghostbuster

In an interview a few years ago, Dan Aykroyd stated that none other than “Mama” from the singing group The Mamas and the Papas haunted one of his earlier Hollywood homes. He said that in addition to Mama there was an eerie male ghost present who had lived next door but died and was buried in the same house. Dan went on to say that he encountered their presence by watching doors open and close and seeing things move around on the countertops by themselves.

On one occasion, he felt someone crawl into bed with him, although he does not believe it was Mama—perhaps the deceased man was getting a little lonely!. As he was napping on one particular day, he closed the bedroom door but never locked it. He remembers seeing the door open. When he awoke, there was a distinct depression on the mattress beside him. Dan later discovered that his father had written a book about ghosts, which inspired him to accept the role in the film Ghostbusters.


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