10 Haunting Hollywood Ghost Stories


Matthew McConaughey’s Naked Ghost Story

Not only is Matthew McConaughey suave and good-looking; he’s also one of the most talented and respected of all Hollywood actors—so when he talks about his ghost encounter, people listen. Although he once starred in “Ghosts of Girlfriends Past,” a romantic film about meeting a paranormal entity, it is his real-life story that grabs our attention today. Matthew explained that an elderly woman named Madame Blue visited him shortly after moving into his Hollywood home. He said that, after hearing an odd noise in the house, he got out of bed to investigate, completely naked (and a little nervous); that was when he saw the mysterious woman!

Fortunately, this ghost was friendly. In fact, Matthew went on to say that this ghost was a cool person. He apparently saw her on multiple occasions, with the two of them getting along just fine. When pressed for more information, he jokingly answered that perhaps the fact that he had no clothes on made the encounter more pleasant for Madame Blue.


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