10 Haunting Hollywood Ghost Stories


Miley Cyrus’ Sinister Specter

Miley Cyrus’ once heard her younger sister screaming while taking a shower. Miley ran into the bathroom to find her sister standing under hot water, her skin turning a bright red. However, no one had turned the water setting to hot. While tending to her sister, Miley swears she saw a young boy sitting in the sink while kicking his feet back and forth.

The entire family was so unnerved, they moved from the apartment building to the Soho Hotel in London. Even Miley questioned what she saw until she discovered that her encounter had a strange grain of truth. After doing a little research, she found that, at one time, the man who owned the apartment building years ago when it had been a working bakery lived there with his young son after his wife passed away. Not long after, the father also died, leaving the son to take control of the bakery. To this day, Miley believes the little boy she saw was the owner’s son as a child—and this ghost was a little sinister.



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