10 Haunting Hollywood Ghost Stories


Megan Fox Received Invisible Room Service

Another celebrity horror story comes from the beautiful Megan Fox. For years, she has shared her belief in all kinds of bizarre things, including paranormal activity, Big Foot, disembodied people, UFOs, and even leprechauns. The young actress told his story about a trip to Mexico. At 7 a.m., she ordered breakfast for 7:30. While still in bed, she heard someone wheel in a small cart. She then heard someone pouring the coffee. Exhausted, she stayed in bed for another 30 minutes although she knew her coffee would get cold.

Finally waking up at 8 am, she walked out of the bedroom to eat breakfast only to discover there was no table, food, or coffee. Unsure what had happened, she tried to convince herself that she was either tired or delusional. However, that changed when her nanny entered came in and asked Megan why room service showed up at 7 am instead of 7:30 as requested!


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