10 Haunting Hollywood Ghost Stories


Carrie Fisher Had a Creepy Houseguest

The late Carrie Fisher also had her own experience with ghosts. While alive, Carrie spent a great deal of time on Twitter, sending out messages with emojis, sharing information about her beloved dog Gary, and even connecting with other high-profile celebrities who also believed in ghosts. For years, Carrie insisted that her close friend, a Republican political strategist named R. Gregory Stevens, haunted her Beverly Hills home. Sadly, he died in her bed at that very home in 2005 from an accidental drug overdose.

After that event, Carrie claimed that a toy that she had would belt out expletives and that the lights would turn on and off automatically. She became so paranoid that she began abusing drugs again. After multiple odd experiences, she hired an exorcist. Even with that, the paranormal activity continued. Choosing to remain in the home, she accepted the fact that her friend would still be around and made peace with his spectral presence.


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