10 Haunting Hollywood Ghost Stories


Joan Rivers and a Perverted Spirit

With the late Joan Rivers, it’s hard to know whether she was telling the truth or pulling your leg. However, she had a convincing horror story that involved a ghost who was a perverted spirit. As explained, Joan began having her New York apartment renovated in 1987. During that time, sexually explicit sketches and writings appeared on her walls. The atmosphere in her apartment became so bad that even her pet dog refused to go inside.

Curious as to what was happening, Joan approached an expert to ask if he knew anything about her findings. The man stated that “Mrs. Spencer was back.” After prodding him for more information, she discovered that Mrs. Spencer had owned the apartment building before her death. In hopes of ridding the apartment of the spirit, Joan hired a voodoo priestess to exorcise the spirit. Although Mrs. Spencer’s ghost left for a while, she soon returned. Instead of feeling upset or scared, Joan decided to welcome her ghost, believing that she was a friend trying to help somehow.


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