25 Celebrities That Have Hot Canadian-American Romance

Pop Sugar

Star-studded galas and steamy celebrity couples are proof that Canada and America can maintain harmonious relations! We might make fun of our northern neighbor for their weather, or their accent, or saying “sorry,” but you have to admit that we have a lot more in common. We’re also pretty fond of Canadian actors, musicians, and comedians. Looks like our celebs also love our friendly neighbors. The latest hot couple? The Weeknd and Selena Gomez. It hit us that Weeknd is Canadian and Gomez American. This was proof enough that it’s still possible to maintain harmonious U.S.-Canada relations. With that, it dawned on us that we should take a look at cross-border celebrity love over the years. While some didn’t last long, they were sweet romances that left both sides of the border in awe! Some of these relationships will surprise you because, well, we’ve dug deep. All in all, they are lovely couples that make an absolutely superb study in diplomatic relations.

25. Emmanuelle Chriqui and Clifton Collins

The Canadian actress Emmanuelle Chriqui is prominent for her role in HBO’s “Entourage” where she found massive success that later landed the young actress a a role on “The Mentalist.” While much cannot be said about her relationship, it’s well known that she found love that lasted nearly four years across the border in the name of Clifton Collins Jr., an award-winning American actor from “Pacific Rim” and “West World,” before they ended things amicably in 2006.


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