12 Celebrities Who Began Their Career In Their Teens – Can You Recognise Them?


Some of the most famous stars today started attracting attention in their teen years. Some started in television or worked as a child actor before their big break. Check out the following list of celebrities who started when they were mere teenagers – can you recognize who they are today?

1. Christian Bale

While we all know Christian Bale from his outstanding performance in Batman and American Hustle, this actor has been in the industry for a shockingly long time. In fact, Christian made a big entry into Hollywood when he was only 13 years old. World-renowned director Steve Spielberg made Christian a child star when he cast the young actor in Empire of the Sun, where Christian played a boy who got separated from family during the Second World War. Today, Christian Bale is a method actor respected for his incredible commitment to his roles.


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