25 Best TV Sitcoms of All Time

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A sitcom, or situation comedy, is that genre of comedy that is usually centered on a few fixed characters that are carried over from one episode to another. Sitcoms are different from sketch comedy, where it can be seen that a troupe using new characters every time in each sketch. It is also not like stand-up comedy, where the comedian tells stories and jokes to the audience. The original idea of a sitcom was first introduced in the days of radio and in the present day, sitcoms are more often found on television.  Many successful sitcoms are recorded in the presence of studio audience, where the effect of audiences in a live studio can be enhanced or imitated by using a laugh track. Ok, so now you know the technical background, the real deal with sitcoms is that it gives us a glimpse into what we think is someone else’s life and gives us the freedom to laugh at someone else instead of ourselves.  Here is our list of best sitcoms of all time.

1. Transparent


Transparent is an American drama-comedy (dramady) series. Jill Soloway created this famous sitcom that aired on 6th February 2014 for the first time and it’s  about a family living in Los Angeles and how their lives change after they discover their father (Jeffrey Tambor) is actually a transgendered man.  It is a riveting, funny, sad, happy and totally engulfing series that shows us the ups and downs of being true to yourself.  Transparent is an award winning show with the lead actor, Jeffrey Tambor winning couple of awards for his acting.


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