25 Biggest Fails in Film History


Most filmmakers hope that their latest movie is going to be a hit. Directors, actors, and production companies alike wait with baited breath to see if their film is going to be a delight or a disaster. Some movies are a success because they tell a compelling story and make people think about their place in life – others are great because they bring in big numbers at the box office! But not every film can be a big hit with critics or with audiences! Sometimes, a film can be an outright flop. Today, we rank the 25 greatest flops in movie history.

1. Mac and Me (1988)

There is only one E.T., and this isn’t it. After the unexpected success of E.T., movie makers wanted to capitalize on America’s love for cuddly, sweet aliens who just want to go home. Unfortunately, there were lots of failures along the way, and Mac and Me is one example. The movie follows a family of aliens that are kidnapped by NASA and transported to Earth for scientific study. It was full of awful product placement and weird plotting. The transparent ripoff of E.T. was so terrible that comedian Conan O’Brien saw fit to make fun of the knock-off for several years. E.T. just wants to call back and tell them how bad this movie is!


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