The 25 Scariest Horror Films of All Time

IMP Awards

The horror is one genre that has no boundaries. It can include anything and everything, from psychological frights to silly thrills, from realistic depictions of real phobias to inexplicable supernatural uneasiness. No matter what you’re afraid of, there is always a horror movie that exploits your fears and challenges you into watch till the very last minute. Here is a rundown of the 25 best horror films to date. All of them have an engrossing and often gruesome story that is sure to leave you with a prickling sensation of being watched or followed long after you have returned to your normal routine.

#25 Session 9 (2001)


A contemporary horror flick set in a desolate mental asylum, “Session 9” is a movie that uses their perfect location to present a rare mixture of unseen horror and sordid atmosphere that evokes a dizzy, unsettling feeling. It really makes you want to look over your shoulder every now and then. It follows the story of a five-man team hired to clean out a deserted hospital in Massachusetts and enter the icy grip of an unseen and seemingly malevolent force. Director Brad Anderson uses empty, worn-out treatment rooms and underground tunnels to create an air of uncertainty and mystery. The nearly gore-free film is a brilliant example of how a fantastic location, sensational cast and a lack of silly scares can make for a haunting viewing experience.


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