Top 25 TV Dramas


While people have different preferences for TV dramas, there are a few that deserve to be on everyone’s must-watch lists. Take a look at the top 25 TV dramas and see if your favorite is on the list, or if you need to catch up on some of the best shows on the silver screen.

1. The Wire

The Wire is often referred to as the most significant TV drama of the 21st century. The first season of this American crime drama from HBO first aired in June 2002. It had a total of five seasons, and the final episode was aired on March 9, 2008. Written (mostly) and created by David Simon, the series centered on drug dealers and police officers in Baltimore. The show expanded to cover other topical issues with gripping characters and thrilling stories that made each season a critical success. While some people say that the fifth season isn’t as good as the first four, there’s no doubt this impressive show demonstrated what multi-season storytelling could do and paved the way for more top-tier television in the future.


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